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tv   WESH 2 News at 11pm Weekend  NBC  February 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> local, live, latebreaking this is wesh 2 news at 11:00 in high definition. stewart: daytona 500 comes down to just inches. flames caught on camera destroying a local home, a neighbor tells west you about what made the fires a difficult to fight. plus, --
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street and all of a sudden she is dead. i feel sorry for the family. stewart: a relative of one of two people killed in a deadly collision on in orange county sidewalk talks about the loss that two families are feeling. we begin with breaking news. a death investigation brevard county is underway inside of a merritt island home. we are told a family member made the discovery inside along indian street, not far from -- road. we just got the video into the newsroom from that scene, we are watching it for the first time with you. neighbors have said the deputies went to the home for a well being check and found at least one person dead. neighbors say that a family lived inside. >> they stay to themselves, he was a wonderful family. the daughter played. they were good people. very good.
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lots of friends that she goes with. other than that, they stayed to themselves. they seem to be a tight family. stewart: again, we do not know how many people have been killed, we do have a crew heading to the scene and will give you the very latest coming up. tonight, we are hearing from the family of a biker killed in a bizarre crash. troopers say that a dirt bike hit and killed a woman walking along the sidewalk in pine hills yesterday. matt labelle he reports that investigators are looking into whether racing led to the crash. >> more friends than i could ever imagine. he loved to go out and have a good time. matt: michael wright says he is still in disbelief over losing his nephew to a motorcycle crash and heartbroken that a pedestrian, too, was struck and killed. >> it must' ve been a freak accident, how it happened. matt florida highway patrol : troopers say clayvon foster was one of at least two people riding motor bikes along powers drive. officials have not been able to
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exactly led to the crash. but witnesses who spoke to wesh 2 right after it say the group was racing on the sidewalk, doing stunts. fhp says foster lost control, seriously injuring himself and a woman walking by. >> poor woman. she had nothing to do with it. she was just walking there. matt fhp says the victim is : 59-year-old marie louissant, both were rushed to the hospital. louissant died from her injuries and foster suffered the same fate hours later. >> i' m puzzled how that happened. you know, for their loss. i know they must be going through it. she was just walking down the street and all of a sudden she is not there. i feel really sorry for her family. and her. my condolences to them. matt: fhp says the others involved in not stick around after the crash.
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stewart: no details about the suspect accused of shooting for people at an orlando store. 34-year-old roy stephens was arrested after police rammed his vehicle during a chase at lee avenue and long street in parramore. police say stephens opened fire during an armed robbery at the tip-top grocery on parramore avenue. nearby business owners say they won' t let crime impact them. >> we' re not afraid to be here because this is our business and this is what we do and we' re gonna continue to come to work. stewart: at last check, one of the shooting victims was in critical condition. stephens was taken to the hospital for possible drug intoxication. records show he served prison time in the 90s for identity fraud, and another term in 2010 for robbery with a weapon. tonight, where continues to find the missing orlando newborn known as baby willow. crews are draining a pond not far from where the mother gave earth, they move the water yesterday. tomorrow marks one week since police say the child' s mother,
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gave birth to a baby girl and admitted to ditching her. a pleasant was found at the willow bend apartment complex, richardson remains in jail on john neglect charges. the investigation to starting into what caused this intense house fire in volusia county. a neighbor sent us the video of the flames in deland. it was just west of spring garden avenue. firefighters say the house was engulfed in a neighbor tells us that there are no fire hydrants in the location, making it more difficult for firefighters. >> seeing how many times the water trucks had to come and unload the water into the reservoir here, and then go back and fill back up at the end of the road and then another one coming, that was valuable time lost. stewart: after firefighters got the flames out, there was still a lot of smoke. there' s not much left of the home, but firefighters tell us that nobody lived there. a pilot reports engine problems minutes before landing and a volusia county field.
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were on board when the pilot was forced to land. it' s three miles away from orlando sanford international airport. the people on board were outside of the plane walking with first responders arrived. tonight, celebrating a win in today' s daytona 500. he edged out his competition by inches at the finish line. it is the closest finish ever for they don' t -- daytona 500. but first, amanda ober reports that he was the first time that tens of thousands of nascar fans got to see the newly remodeled speedway. amanda: the $400 million remodel of the daytona international speedway was considered a little bit risky by some, especially considering other nascar tracks are actually reducing their seating. judging by the reviews that fans gave the stadium today, so far, it is a success. fans partied into the night sunday after enjoying a photo-finish race inside a stadium that just got a 400
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the overwhelming majority of fans who came to the sold out race gave the remodeled speedway a big thumbs up. >> i' m a guy that' s hard to be impressed and they impressed us. >> there was different areas where you could just really get to feel like you were part of the race, and stand there and watch. the way the stands were set up. the fan zone, they really did care about what they were doing. amanda the daytona rising : redevelopment took 31 months to complete, involved the installation of wider seats with 100,000 cupholders, five expanded and redesigned entrances, 40 escalators, double the number of restrooms and triple the number of oncessions. -- concessions. the barber family has been coming to the 500 every year for 16 years and each had a favorite improvement. >> the escalators, i' m a veteran of 26 years and i need those escalators and elevators. i enjoyed that. >> the flow, i think folks are flowing in and out a lot better
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at a venue this large. amanda: if you are not a nascar fan, there will be other opportunities for you to enjoy event here at the speedway. on memorial day weekend, they have already booked a large country music festival. in daytona beach, amanda ober, wesh 2 news. stewart: an argument leaves -- leads to angry customers trashing a location. a woman says that the workers are being disrespectful. according to workers, three men later came to the business and knocked over the cash register, through pizza boxes and food and the woman along with several people face burglary charges. troopers say driver suffered a medical emergency causing a crash that killed two people on a golf cart in sumter county. the suv crashed into a golf cart and a person yesterday
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two women on one of the golf carts died, one was from new york, the other was from the villages, the pedestrian was also tears the injured. the driver of the suv who caused the crash, was also injured. new information, brevard county sheriff' s honoring deputy for off to the arrest of robbery suspect. deputy matt simpson was running errands when he found that the committee credit union in the air was robbed on friday. he says he saw andrew reid acting suspicious and simpson held -- arrested the man minutes after the holder. deputies say yet a bag of cash on him. let' s talk about the forecast, turning to another cool night across central florida. meteorologist eric burris is in our outdoor weather studio. how low list emerges go tonight? eric: a nice, comfortable night. 55 degrees, current temperature -- 65 degrees. the winds are nice and con. we will be watching for some fog development through the overnight. elsewhere, 66, stanford.
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55, ocala. 51, the villages. get what is going on. the satellite and radar, we are dry, but we are watching clouds filtering and from the gulf of mexico, bigger perspective showing the next storm system all the way out in texas, beginning to get the act together. ring in on tuesday, and then sent -- thunderstorms as we look ahead to wednesday. that all said, morning commute is not looking bad for monday. back to work and back to school. we start off with patchy fog, 6:00, 7:00. the pictures around 58. the cap quickly decline. 67 already by 9:00. we keep going from there. a warmer day expected. we will randow neighborhood by neighborhood temperatures when i see you inside in a couple of minutes. stewart: the republican race took on a very different look today, after several shake-ups in south carolina last night. donald trump is back on top. marco rubio edged out ted cruz for second place and jeb bush is out for good after finishing 4th, but that could mean more good news for
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>> the consequences are extraordinary if we get this election wrong and republicans need to nominate them one was going to grow the party and who is going to win the election. stewart although ben carson came : in 6th, he said he is vowing to stay in the race. all eyes are on super tuesday, march first, when more delegates can be won than on any other single day of the primary season. the democrats visit south carolina for their first in the south primary next saturday. out bernie sanders in the nevada caucuses. some political experts say the margin of victory was much less than her campaign had hoped. sanders has said he' s playing political catchup. clinton acknowledged she still has a trust issue with many voters. angela driver is now the suspect in a deadly shooting spree that has left six people dead. tonight we hear from a passenger. >> i kind of jokingly said to the driver, you are not the shooter are you? stewart: there is monti says he
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days after a brutal attack on a guard, there is a tragic end to the teenage escapee. we are staying on top of breaking news, i get investigation is underway and brevard county, we do have a crew at the scene of a home in merritt island.
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stewart: staying on top of breaking news happening now and brevard county. a death investigation is underway inside of a merritt island home, neighbors have said that deputies went to the home for well being check and found at least one person dead. a family lived inside of the home, we do not know how many people may have been killed, we do have a crew heading to the scene and will give you the very latest inside of tonight, a shooting spree appears to have been random. six people dead, two others injured. it happened in michigan. the suspect, and who were driver, is in custody. >> more than 24 hours after the first shots were fired, people gathered at a special church service to mourn and pray. >> help us to show your light when the world is so dark.
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authorities say the shootings began saturday, just for 6:00 at an apartment compass. >> i heard something so i checked out the back window and saw the car driving off. i look out here and there is a woman laying out there. >> the victim was a mother of three, now in serious condition. the shootings three continues for more than four hours. at a car dealership and a restaurant parking. and i' ll, six people killed, including tyler smith and his father richard. shot, while shopping for a new car. mary jo and her sister-in-law were also killed. they spent the evening at a play. seven hours after the first shots were fired, police apprehended jason dalton without incident. >> and have a handgun consistent with the evidence that was found that each one of these crime scenes. there was evidence in the car, as well. >> he was a driver for uber and one man claims that he wrote with him before he was arrested. >> and i kind of jokingly said
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response. >> investigators believe they know who is your sponsor but t know is why. >> we don' t know anything about a motive right now. right now the common denominator in this is him. >> police say that dalton had ties to the community and had no criminal record. stewart: among the victims, a 14-year-old girl taken to a local hospital and reported dead, but was rushed to surgery when she unexpectedly squeezed her mother' s hands. she is now listed in critical condition. tonight, investigators say they have found the body of a 16-year-old juvenile escapee was found less than a mile from the corrections facility where he brutally attacked a corrections officer. you see joseph french come at the 60-year-old corrections officer, hitting her with a porcelain toilet top. it shatters and he continues to throw a remaining piece at her. he then grabs her gun from its storage lock box, attempting to shoot the officer, but failed
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the gun. it is believed that he killed himself. it' s going to cost you less to get to work or school this week. gas prices are the cheapest since 2008. the national average is $1.77. that' s 56 cents cheaper than this time last year. here in orlando, you' ll be paying a little less. aaa says the average is daytona $1.56. beach is a little higher at 1-74 -- $1.74. tomorrow, as you go out for a drive, going to the airport, jim payne would call it a top-down -- eric: temperatures in the lower 80' s in some spots, you' ll want to have the top-down, or the top on over at the beach. take a look at this one, speaking of the beach, this is from chloe at the 500 today. there is the gorgeous under board -- thunderbirds. great shot. thank you for sending that one in. jules and is one of the men coming up and you can see plenty of those clouds overhead.
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have clouds in the forecast. 625 degrees now in orlando. 62, daytona beach. 63, leesburg. 55, ocala. mostly cloudy skies over us right now because the clouds are working in from a bigger weather maker, an old frontal boundary that will ramp some stuff up and bottom line is we will get some rainfall as we look ahead to midweek. tonight, no rain in the forecast. a little bit of fog, certainly as possible. 55-60 depending on where you are. it' ll become a, plenty of clouds overhead. a slow fall in the old temperatures. a milder night in the old forecast apartment. tomorrow, it will be a warmer day. 82 degrees, how about them apples? 80, sanford. 77, titusville. 75, palm coast. the logic potential of a quick, passing coast is prickle, the generally speaking, it will be a nice and bright day, pliny of clouds overhead. here'
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morning, we will start off nice and quiet, but watch through the day, lunchtime dry. afternoon, mostly cloudy sky. that is going to be the setup through tuesday early-morning. by tuesday, midmorning into the late morning, that is only start to watch the showers developing. tuesday, a few scattered showers, wednesday it is going to be a line of organized thunderstorms. let' s put it all together. high-pressure and control tomorrow, and isolated showers along because, otherwise, nice and warm, there is a storm system that will passes by to the north on tuesday, but the vicinity is close enough that we watch for potential showers. wednesday, the actual cold front sneaks on through the gulf of mexico, and moves on in. midday, late morning, early afternoon, the timing is going to have to be fine-tuned, but that is when we will watch the line of thunderstorms move in. as far as severe weather potential goes, we will have to watch it, because the models are talking about some of those storms being a little on the intent side.
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thing we are continuing to deal with on the intense side is pollen. look at this, on a scale of 1-12, we are in the 10-11 range. talking about major pollen issues continuing this week. warm temperatures, why not head over to the beach. surface 3-4 tomorrow, moderate risk of recurrence. serve temperatures still in the 60' s, so wetsuits are going to be necessary. showers and storms on tuesday into wednesday clearing out and cooling down for thursday. and friday. stewart: on top of breaking news in brevard county were a death investigation is underway inside of a merritt island home. mela polly just arrived at the scene on indian street not far from the location. what' s the latest? matt: brevard county sheriff' s office investigators are still here looking into this death investigation. right now, details about it are still scarce. we do know that two people are found lifeless in a home here on indian avenue tonight. deputies tell is it is too early yet an investigation for any
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their agents and relationships to one another has not yet been confirmed. neighbors say that a family lived here in this home. not yet confirmed what manner these two people were found or how they died. it is unknown at this point whether this is a contained incident or of deputies will be looking for suspects in this case. we do know that they were found in the home tonight, but it is not clear when the deaths actually took place. so, investigators are still in the preliminary stages, so we learn more, of course it will bring it to you on it sunrise and the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. of espresso, milk, uplift your mood.
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oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. pat: the first 195 laps of this year' s 500 may not have been edge-of-tour-seat stuff, but the race was safe which is always a good thing and it gave us a finish we won' t soon forget. spectacular day. sold out grandstands in this new motorsports stadium facility. sunny skies became cloudy for dale earnhrdt junior fans. 5th caution came late and ruined the day for junior getting loose out of turn 4 and hitting the safe barrier on lap 170. he was fine, probably better than some of those fans. and a bad end for danica patrick, as well. less than 20 laps to go she gets tagged by greg biffle sending her flying down the backstretch
11:26 pm
ground. she wasn' t around for the closest finish in daytona five history. final lap leader matt kenseth , goes high denny hamlin makes his move, he and martin truex junior side by side at ther start-finsih line and by inches, hamlin takes checkered in the tightest finish this race has ever seen. denny hamlin wins his first 500 first for team owner joe gibbs in 23 years. >> luckily we got the room and the lead get inside, it all worked out, but, wow, i still the last cap -- lap happened so fast they want to relive it every watch it to figure out what i really did. >> you' re looking for someplace to throw up. but, i really did kind of hold my breath. because, you kind of know here, it is going to come on the last lap if there' s anybody close. and everybody was close.
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top 3 finishers in this race. defending points champion kyule -- kyle busch was dale junior third. finsihed 36th. hamlin scores a big win in daytona then about an hour later, the magic tried to do the same thing pacers calling for an early sunday evening game. orlando riding the heels of that big win the other night over the mavs. looking to make it three of their last 4. missed opportunities again a , bugaboo for the good guys, who forced 17 indiana turnovers in the first half but it was a tie game at the break. despite 23 from evan fournier and another double double from , nic, the magic shot just 41 per cent missed lkaups and free throws. stil had a chance to win, but aaron gordon finishes the break to make it a two-point game. it was a one-point game and watch this, victor with a shot for victory, no foul was called in that play, dish out as you can see comes up short, and so did the magic on this night, the
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donnie jones hoping to play out of the current right this afternoon as they hosted tulsa. dropped seven of last eight. a bad start. pretty alley oop from the perimeter. pat birt had 16 first half points and tulsa led by 14 at the break. but when matt willism drilled a three late, the knightrs had pulled to 3 at 62:59. unfortunately for them, they would get no closer on this day. now losers of 8 of their last 9. final score 75-67. ,and the orlando city pre-season exhibitions continued this afternoon down at championsgate. the lions defeating toronto fc, buoued by 2 seconds half goals from kaka. season opener two weeks from today. little bit of drama in the final round of the pga tour event in l.a.. adam scott closing hard when he he was at 14 under par. bubba watson trailed jason kokrak by 2 shots with 4 holes to play kokrak bogeyed 15. while bubba made bird at 16
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par. then tapped in for par to win the northern trust open and move to number four in the world. bubba has already committed to


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